Ready, Set, Speed Date!

Days after my crying-in-the-shower sobfest, I found myself at a Latino speed dating event. I sat patiently, waiting for the first man to take his seat. The organizer shouted "Go!" and men began to circulate like troops following orders. Seconds later, a tall, lanky Mexican who wasn't really my type introduced himself. It made me miss Mr. G, but I remained positive and chatted him up for the allotted five minutes of time.

The night continued and I met Lisp Man, Waxed Eyebrows and Super DL Gay guy. My attempt to move on from Mr. G was proving to be futile! And then he sat across from me. An attractive Puerto Rican man with a twinkle in his eyes, good posture and a nice smile.

I began asking questions like a US Census reporter. I wanted to know all the logistics before determining if he was worthy of my time and Match card sheet. He seemed like a winner until ... "I just got out of a 10 year relationship," he admitted.

My thoughts immediately flashed to the Sex and The City episode where Charlotte says it takes half the time you are with someone to get over them. Not a good sign. But before I could decide if it was a deal breaker, the organizer of the event asked us to hand in our Match cards. Time was up and I needed to make a decision about Puerto Rico. In that instant, I wanted desperately to have made a match, if only to forget about Mr. G! So I grabbed my pen, wrote Puerto Rico’s name down and told him to do the same. Now all I could do was wait, again.