Rain, Rain, Go Away!

"I'm back! Do you have time to meet this week?" That’s exactly what I texted Mr. G as soon as I got back to New York from Boston. Well, not immediately. When I got off the bus I was greeted with pounding rain, and I refused to damage my phone by whipping it out during a torrential downpour. I have priorities, after all! Besides, I wanted to show Mr. G that even though I felt he was "The One," I still had a busy social life. I was at nobody's beck and call!

Well chicas, neither was Mr. G. After texting him, I waited for his reply and ... nothing. A day went by. Two days. Then three, and still nada! I checked my phone repeatedly, secretly hoping that even though I'd been careful, the rain had damaged it somehow. I even slid off the back cover and took out the battery to investigate. But there was nothing wrong with my phone. His disregard had nothing to do with a messed up cell and everything to do with Mr. G's messed up self.

That was all I needed to back off. I was tired of the work, tired of always initiating contact. That entire week it continued to rain, and the more it poured, the more I cried. Rain washes everything away, and it was time for a Mr. G cleansing.