Paciencia y Fe

I am a typical Aries female; I'm super impatient and want what I want, when I want it! My demanding nature is constantly being tested, whether I have to wait an extra five minutes for food or an extra hour for a man to return my text.

Once this happens I summon another known Arian trait—impulsivity! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has caused me to do some serious drunk dialing in the past. Take this past Friday, for example. I was at Coogan's Bar in Washington Heights, mingling with some new acquaintances. One of the men we were talking to said he thought I would hit it off wonderfully with one of his friends who is a 35-year-old trainer.

“Is he good looking?” I asked, not ashamed of being a little shallow.

“He’s an attractive guy,” his friend assured me. I nodded, pretending to take his word for it but still feeling doubtful. “Does he have a Facebook page?” I continued to pry. His friend shook his head. I would have to trust his word and see for myself on our blind date. Unless...

“Give me his email!” I exclaimed, grabbing my Blackberry.

My heart raced as I composed the following message: “My name is Sujeiry & Jay keeps telling me he thinks you and I would hit it off. So I'm curious. You're single, I'm single and he keeps hyping you up. Send me a pic and let's see :-)”

And just like that, I pressed "Send." Lets just hope my patience isn't pushed to the limit this time.