Operation Birthday Boy

The other night Celine demanded we get dinner and told me she needed some creative ideas for her boyfriend Miguel’s birthday this coming weekend. When I asked her if Miguel wanted anything specific, she rolled her eyes and told me Miguel had hinted that he wanted a new baseball bat.

Although she plans to hook him up in the sports gear department, Celine wanted to plan something special to spice things up in the bedroom for her one and only. Because I know my friend all too well, I knew that “spice things up” didn’t mean anything too wild. Celine would never bust out a sex toy or tie her man up to the bedposts.

I suggested she cook Miguel a big seafood or steak dinner, with appetizers, wine and dessert. Then after the meal, lure him to the bedroom, tell him to relax and get comfortable in the bedroom prepared with lit candles and satin bed sheets. I told Celine to put some sexy music on, and slowly strip down to reveal hot new lingerie he’s never seen or would have expected her to wear. The rest would take care of itself, I assured her.

Celine agreed this was the perfect way to heat things up for her man, and plans to follow my instructions closely and report back on her success.

All this birthday talk reminded me that Mr. Baldwin’s big day was next week. I think I'm going to take my own advice and plan a sexy “night in” to celebrate his 25th year of life (I told you he’s way younger than I am!)

Do you ladies have any other suggestions on how to make your man’s birthday a memorable one?