One Day My Prince Will Come

The holiday season can make me feel a little blah. I love spending time with my family, drinking coquito, eating pernil, and dancing to a good merengue ripao—but when its time for gift-giving my single status hits me like a ton of Santa’s coal. Watching my sister, brother and mother trade gifts with their significant others doesn’t give me the warmest feeling. I’m happy for them but in that moment I just want to pout and scream, “When is it my turn?!”

Well, today I realized that “my turn” can only come naturally. I can’t force myself to meet someone or force someone to commit. So what do I do this holiday season? I continue to put myself out there. As past winters have shown, I almost always find someone to date and create beautiful snow angels with. Some have lasted and some have simply served as learning experiences. Bottom line is if I open my heart and soul I know I will find my guy. I know that next Christmas I will also have a gift waiting for me under a tree, and it won't just be sweaters, pajamas and socks. Till then, I will refrain from yelling at my relatives and those they love. I'll just look at the bright side and continue to dream of snow angels.

Merry Christmas!