The Numbers Game

Winking at someone online doesn't always guarantee success. Heck! Sometimes a wink is all you get. That emoticon in your Inbox can quickly become the only communication between you and the profile cutie that caught your eye, which makes online dating more of a numbers game than anything else.

Fortunately, this was not the case between The Illustrator from the Bronx and me. Two days after summoning the courage to send him a wink, he sent me an email full of compliments. The email read: "You are gorgeous. how are you doing? How's your week been? I like your profile also btw, seem like a really sweet girl. its a pleasure 'meeting' you. lol ttyl"

Ok, so he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I actually wanted to take a red marker and correct all his grammatical errors. But this was supposed to be fun, right? A chance to get my feet wet. Besides, he said I was gorgeous! Who am I to argue with that? So I did what any girl would do when smothered with flattery from a good-looking fellow - jump right in! I clicked on the reply button and send him a quick email, thanking him for the compliments and asking some questions to strengthen the dialogue. I pressed send and smiled because this, ladies and gentleman, could lead to an actual date. And then I waited; it's all one can really do in the meantime.

Let's just hope I picked a lucky number.