Not So Funny Anymore...

My hectic schedule didn't allow me to go the Funny Guy's comedy show. To be honest, I didn't really want to troop it to Queens for a man I'd just met. After all that had happened, I was over putting effort into a relationship that hadn't even launched. Funny Guy would have to come to me!

And he did...sort of. A few days after his show, I received a text from Funny Guy asking me where I was that morning. I hadn't gone to the radio station and he had stopped by. I was flattered that he wanted to see me but immediately stopped the fantasy from getting carried away in my mind. This was just a text, not a phone call. And he didn't just go to the station just for me. He was on-air as well. This time around I was waiting for the man to show me something substantial.

We ended the text convo on a positive note. Funny Guy wished me luck with my website and new ventures and invited me to his next comedy show. I responded, "Thanks, I'll try" and received this message as a reply: "U got the number. Use it one day ;) Bye."

Funny Guy was showing very little initiative. Needless to say, I was not impressed. I wanted him to ask me on a date. I wanted to be wined and dined. I deserved a phone call and so much more. So I decided right then and there that I would not attend his second comedy show. Funny Guy needed to do more. If he didn’t I would chuck it as a fun flirtation. I refused to make the same mistake twice!



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