No Chaser

I've never been the type of woman to chase a least not in the beginning of a relationship. Sure, I've called a man while drinking at 4am because the relationship has gone awry. And yes, I have even written numerous emails to "express myself" when the man in question runs into his cave, refusing to return my late night phone calls and texts. But I’ve only yelled “Pick up!!!” at the top of my lungs to those special men who have affected me greatly.  Those are the men who have taken a little piece of my heart and my pepa™.

The Illustrator from the Bronx had yet to get a piece of anything. Aside from a wink and a few lines in an email, there was nothing between us, which is why I refused to email him again or send him a "reminder" wink when all I heard were crickets on the other end. I waited a day….two days…three days even, but heard nothing. Then I saw that he had looked at my profile again. If I cared enough, I would’ve written a second email, letting him know that, yes, I was still the same girl. No mole had grown out of my nose and no teeth were missing as of yet.

But I didn't. He could check out my profile all he wanted and not respond to my sweet email, because this mujer and her heart and her pepa were not that invested.