Meet the Parents

It's literally been years since I’ve met the parents of a guy I’m seeing. So this past weekend when I accepted an invite to spend the afternoon with Mr. Baldwin and his parents, I was equally nervous and excited. After rummaging through my closet forever to carefully select the perfect "meet the parents" ensemble—a sweet summery dress and some platform sandals—I hopped in a cab and was on my way.

“Are you ready for this?” joked Mr. Baldwin as he greeted me outside the restaurant and walked me in to meet the fam. The truth was I was beyond flattered that Baldwin wanted me to meet his folks. The way things have been going between us, it just felt right.

I wish I had some ridiculous story about how I spilled a bowl of spaghetti all over my dress or accidentally dropped the F bomb mid-conversation, but within minutes of sitting down I realized that his family is sweet, down-to-earth and fun—just like he is. After a delicious lunch and an afternoon stroll at the Seaport, we said our good-byes. Baldwin’s mom had a twinkle in her eye and I’m pretty sure it was because she was happy that her son was hanging out with a nice and normal (for the most part) girl!

I’m so thankful the day turned out to be pleasant, but I know there’s gotta be some hilarious or terrifying stories out there about meeting the parents. Can you remember the first time you met your significant other’s parents? What happened? Share below!