Man Up!

Though my conversation with Mr. G was short, the message was clear. Mr. G was sorry for his disappearance. He sounded stressed and upset, venting about work and the traffic. I listened quietly and let him know I was longer angry. Then Mr. G surprisingly admitted he had read my blog, Love Trips. I sent him a recent post I'd written which focused on our new romance. When I emailed the link to Mr. G, I was hoping it would motivate him to act!

"I’m really impressed with your stories," he said. I breathed a sigh of relief that my declarations didn’t scare him off—I actually called him my soul mate in one of those stories. That, my friends, would scare most men into a cave. "I hope one day I can entertain you with my writing," he continued. I smiled and felt myself melting with his words.

The conversation was almost over and there had been no talk of he and I or the status of his relationship. Had his girlfriend moved out? Was it officially over? These questions were dominating my mind but I held myself back, I didn’t want to push. I wanted Mr. G to take the initiative! But I’m not that patient. Instead, I suggested to Mr. G that we get together when I returned to NYC from Boston. “Sounds good,” he replied. “Call me when you are back in the city.”

It sounded good, indeed, so why didn’t I feel as good as I should? I hung up the phone and thought about it for a while and then it hit me: I wanted Mr. G to man up already! I was tired of doing all the work.

xoxo, Sujeiry