Love Shouldn't Hurt

As human beings we hurt one another all the time, intentionally or not. Throughout our adult lives and in our romantic relationships, we all get our hearts broken eventually.

There is no denying that love can hurt—but that pain should never, ever be physical. As news reports broke recently about the domestic violence between pop sensation Rihanna and her boyfriend, R&B singer Chris Brown, it made me think about just how many women out there in the world are suffering the same fate.

When I was 19 years old, just around Rihanna’s age, I remember getting into a heated argument with my boyfriend who I was quite serious with at the time. I fell to the ground because he pushed me away from him with his comparatively much bigger, stronger body. I could barely believe what had just happened—but I loved him and stayed with him anyway.

It never happened again, but thankfully, I eventually worked up the courage to end my relationship with him. A few years later, I heard he was in trouble with the law for physically assaulting someone.

A little push might not scare us into taking action, so what does it take? Getting really hurt or ending up in a hospital? As we all keep Rihanna in our thoughts and prayers, tell me: Have you ever experienced abuse or known someone who has? What did you do about it?