Love Bites

I have a thing for vampires, partly Edward Cullen’s fault, but mainly because biting someone's neck is oh so sexy!

A little biting action never hurt nobody. Personally, I enjoy a love bite or two (OK, or three!) and thoroughly take pleasure in returning the favor.

But the other night, I had dinner with an old friend who told me about a recent experience that well, pretty much bites. I couldn’t help but giggle all through dessert.

At an out-of-town wedding, she met a friend of the groom and flirted with him all night. Back at the hotel after party, the flirting went to the next level when he finally lured her into his room. The lights went out, and before you know it a make out session was in full swing. As he moved his lips down her body my friend all of a sudden felt something incredibly painful.

“OUCH!” She screamed, as she pulled on her dress and sprinted off to her friends room.

“You’ll never know what just happened!" she explained to her shocked friend, "That guy! He just bit my nipples, like really, really hard!” For the rest of the night she found herself holding on to her breasts like two injured puppies.

The breast biter was rightfully nicknamed “Chomper” for the remainder of the weekend wedding. We both agreed that Chomper's love bites were probably a bit too intense for someone he didn’t know.

Do you enjoy biting or being bitten? Do you have any memorable biting stories–painful or not? Share below!