Lost in Translation

After I exchanged numbers with Pony Tail, I was still reluctant to give this English as a Second Language Learner a chance—but, I was also starved for male affection. The past few months have been rough, to say the least. My aunt went into cardiac arrest in January and has yet to recover, then a short month later I experienced the tragic loss of my good friend and ex, Adan. I was hoping going out with Pony Tail would help me forget, if only temporarily.

And for a while, Pony Tail did a great job fulfilling his duty. He walked me home the night we met and texted me to make sure I was "tranquila en mi camita." The next morning I received a "Despierta linda!" message, and smiled as I thought maybe dating a man who only speaks Spanish wouldn't be so bad. After all, he sure knew how to sweet talk!

But soon, the inevitable happened. My American upbringing kicked in and I found myself struggling to translate words from English to Spanish. After only three conversations, I was going crazy. It was great to hear "mamasita" and "bella" every minute of the day; but I missed talking about Jersey Shore and relating American-style to the person I'm dating. So I sent my dominicanito packing. I told him it was important for me to be with a bilingual man, but that we could we friends. Fact of the matter is, I need someone who I can communicate with easily, especially at this difficult time in my life. I'm just not up for another challenge right now.