Looking for Love

I can't remember the last time I went "looking" for love. All of my boyfriends sort of found me and the men I've dated usually spotted me from across a room and approached, fully armored with the intent to seduce. My nonchalant attitude, however, irks most of my friends and family. They don't think I'm taking love seriously and are terrified I will end up alone.

So what's a girl to do? Ignore the critiques and continue on my journey. That's what I intended to do that night at Coogans when I emailed Trainer. Minutes passed and he had yet to respond with a photo, so I kept it moving like I always do.

Soon, the clock hit midnight and everyone decided to head home. I, on the other hand, wasn't ready to give up my cold Corona and decided to stay at the bar to finish my drink. Unfortunately, with every one gone, I became the victim of a group of obnoxious men. One continued to hit on me as I sipped my drink and another eventually knocked my drink to the ground as he stumbled toward the bathroom. I fumed as the bottle fell but, just like that, another Corona with lime was placed before me. "This drink is from that guy," said the bartender as she pointed to a light skinned man. I grabbed the bottle and pressed it against my lips while quickly glancing over at the generous stranger. Should I walk over to him or should I wait for him to come to me? I thought. I wasn't sure what I wanted just yet, so I did what I always do: Remain carefree and wait for love to find me.