Lookin' for Lovin'

After sending that email to Mr. G, I just wanted to live my life. With that change of mentality came a change of energy. Just like that I felt open to everything and, because of this, men came a-knocking.

Exes started calling, trying to rekindle what once was. My first love even created an artistic portrait of one of my pictures because he was "inspired." Was it Elijah's way of showing me he wanted more than friendship, I wondered? Ah, who cares!

I had my sights set on new fish, bigger fish—specifically, one particular fish named Jason Rivera. I saw him on the PIX Morning News as he taught Linda Church how to work out with a medicine ball. And boy, did I ever want him to work me! He was sexy, charming and was so comfortable on camera. I had to meet him, even if it was just to have some fun.

My hunt began on Google but ended shortly after I realized there are over a million Jason Rivera's in NYC. What was I to do? Well, I got creative. I took to the radio airwaves and dropped Jason Rivera’s name about as many times as he appeared on my Google search. I even asked him to call me on the radio show. But still no word.

How do I get Jason Rivera to teach me how to work it out? Any suggestions, ladies? Let me know in the comments below!