Let the Past Be the Past

Leaving the past in the past has always been quiet difficult for me. I am a woman who, when vulnerable and in love, attaches herself for life—whether the man is reciprocating or not. Luckily, I am slowly shedding that aspect of my persona, attempting to experience something new and different. And that’s why I decided to reply to Zeus.

Zeus was another possible date from the online dating world. After no word from The Illustrator from the Bronx, I went back to my daily routine and stopped performing actual searches on OkCupid. Then, one morning, I received an email from a Caucasian man in his late 30s from New Jersey. The email was articulate and full of depth. He even touched upon his creativity and mentioned taking over the world, a reference to a joke I wrote on my profile.

Due to his attention to detail and obvious interest, I clicked on his screenname to view his profile. I skimmed through it quickly noting areas we had in common and then went to his photo album. I clicked through all the pictures; but still wasn’t sure what he really looked like. Most of the photos were of his profile or quarter shots. As experience has taught me, that usually meant the person was showing their “good side” and not the entire, possibly scary package. Even still, I decided to email a reply to Zeus. I would not be shallow and disregard him, as I would have in the past, just because of questionable photo angles. Instead, I relaxed, answered some of his questions and allowed myself to be open to dialogue. It’s the only way to leave the past in the past.