Lasting Butterflies

In spite of his use of the N word I woke up the morning after my date with a smile. Not because I was pleased with Generou's Strangers foul vocabulary, but because I hadn’t felt chemistry in so long. There was something about Generous Stranger that gave me goose bumps. He had umph. He had swag. He had a culito chin. Needless to say, I was excited to begin this new romantic journey.

Ready and willing, I looked at my cell in hopes I missed a late night text. But there was nothing, so I plopped my head on my pillow and gave myself a pep talk. "Take your time, Sujeiry," I said to myself. "Besides, you were with him till 5am!" I hollered at the ceiling. A smile crept across my face. Yelling at no one in particular made me feel much better. Sure, I had been a little eager and planted a quick kiss on his lips. Sure, I posted "I kissed a boy and I liked it" as a status update on Facebook and Twitter for my 500 plus "friends" to read.  I was fine because, this time, I was going to play it cool. I wasn’t going to allow my butterflies to roam free and get into trouble. They’d have to flutter in my stomach for the time being. Besides, what did I really know about Generous Stranger? Absolutely nothing.

I rolled over on my stomach and held my phone in my hand. Waiting is the worst part of love, but it is a necessary evil. So I closed my eyes, inhaled and exhaled to calm my anxiety. I didn't want to rush into anything because I didn’t want a temporary fling. Waking up with a smile might be a sweet, but I am looking for a love that lasts a lifetime.