Kissing Queen

I remember how carefree I was during my college days. I would go to class (sometimes), hang out with my girls, chug-a-lug and flirt with every cute boy on campus. I was less serious and less intense, especially in the boy department. Oh, and did I mention I was a kissing slut?

I would get a little tipsy and kiss all the cuties I had my eye on. Spring Break in Miami and Cancun, after-parties at the X—it didn’t matter where I was or who was around! I just spent my college days making out! Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was a virgin, or maybe I was just bolder and badder. Who knows?

A few days ago I got a glimpse of that old Sujeiry. I found myself flirting with a performer whom I’d met early this year. He had asked me out then, but I had turned him down and couldn't even remember why. There I was, batting my eyes and laughing at his cute jokes when I suddenly felt the urge to kiss him. He was very good looking, smiling at me with his perfect teeth and soft lips. He also slightly squinted when he smiled, which I just loved. So just like that, I grabbed his face and planted one on him. It was only a peck on the lips but when I pulled away his small eyes were wide in disbelief. He suddenly smiled his squinty eye smile and I let out a laugh. It felt good to be spontaneous and have fun. I wasn’t sure what would happen next but one thing was certain—I felt like myself again.