Keepin' it Offline

My friend Julie called me yesterday and told me she was pregnant. In all her wedded and baby bump bliss, she also urged me to “Get myself out there!” and try online dating. You see, Julie met her husband on the Internet and has become the equivalent of a pushy abuela who won't stop worrying about my single status. I told her about Scorpio, hoping she’d back off, but like most of my friends she begged me to ignore his email.

In the end, I took everyone’s advice and did not contact Scorpio. For one, Scorpio could be a 60-year-old computer geek, and besides, I'm not a fan of meeting folks online.  I tried it a few years ago and the men I dated were not for me; one guy looked nothing like his photos, another was an aggressive, macho type, and the third only felt comfortable interacting romantically over AIM. Needless to say, my online dating experience was a bust! 

But after getting off the phone with Julie—still basking in her pregnancy and wonderful marriage—I thought that maybe I abandoned the idea of online dating too quickly.  So I began perusing dating sites. I clicked through page after page of eligible bachelors and my heart sank a little. I knew it had come to this because most of my girlfriends were either married or pregnant or already had a baby hanging from their boob. Sure, online dating works for some folks, but in my heart of hearts I knew I would not found my future husband this way. 

My time will come if I continue to be patient, love myself and believe in the power of positive thinking.  Abuela Julie would just have to deal with it. Tell me chicas: What do you think about online dating? Do you think I should really give it another shot?