It's So Hard To Say Good-Bye

This past weekend, Charlotte and I decided to engage in one of our favorite activities: midday margarita drinking. As we savored our salty, frozen slices of heaven, I rambled on and on about my awesome weekend with Mr. Baldwin. As I blabbed on, I noticed Charlotte wasn’t her upbeat self, so I asked her what was wrong.

She told me that last week she had a really rough day and there was nothing she wanted to do more than come home and enjoy a glass of wine. But when she arrived home, an empty bottle completely threw a wrench into her relaxation plans.

As she lay in bed, she realized she could always rely on her dear friend, the Rabbit, to take the edge off a rough day. Charlotte and Mr. Rabbit have had a long and loyal relationship and she knew that she could always count on him.

She pulled the Rabbit out of the sock drawer where he resides, but just as the Rabbit was about to get down to business, he literally broke apart in her hands. Charlotte stared at the ceiling and realized it was time to finally say good-bye.

They've had an especially close friendship the past couple years. We both agreed that the Rabbit led a long, productive life, sharing countless up-close and personal moments with Charlotte. I told her not to worry; the original Rabbit is irreplaceable, but something else is out there that is sure to do the trick.

Charlotte just celebrated her birthday and I've been trying to figure out the perfect gift. Now I know exactly what to get her. But I need some ideas for any new toys—I mean, "special friends" you chicas recommend. Let me know below!