Happy Birthday to Me!

To me, birthdays are a big deal.  I have to celebrate it on that very day no matter what day of the week or what special events coincide. So what if it's a cousins wedding? It's my birthday! April 16th is whose graduation? Sorry, I can't make it. It's my birthday!

Not everyone understands my passion for celebrating my birthday like it's a national holiday. Then again, not everyone has a momma who surprises them with ice cream cakes every year.  Unfortunately, where there's a lack understanding, there's usually miscommunication and unmet expectations. Many times I've ended my birthday in tears because a crush didn't call or the man I've been dating didn't attend my party. But not this year, ladies!

Tomorrow, I am turning 32 years old and it’s going to be all about me! I plan to pamper myself with my hermanas from another mother. I’m going to swig shots at a bar without needing to peek over my shoulder every 5 minutes because I didn't invite any man who would rain on my Sujeiry National Day Parade.  This year there won't be any need to stress because my special someone to love will already be there—me! And that, my friends, is the biggest deal of all.