A Hairy Situation

This past weekend, my girl Carly got herself into a hairy situation. She met up with this guy she occasionally hooks up with named John and, just as the clothes began to fly off, she realized she had forgotten to “groom” herself!

She was mortified—while telling me the (hysterical) story, she kept referring to her bikini situation as the Amazon rainforest.

She whispered her embarrassment to John, and to her surprise, he told her where she could find a razor in his bathroom. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so Carly ran to chop down the only type of forest that should ever be chopped down.

She returned 10 minutes later and they enjoyed each other's company the rest of the evening.

It reminded me of another friend, Tara, whose main squeeze at the time once lovingly named her private area "Enrique Iglesias" after she had neglected to groom for a few weeks. I laughed for days after hearing that story!

I don’t think I’d have the guts to handle the situation like Carly did, although when you find yourself in one of those moments, you just never know.

Have any of you ever been in caught in a hairy situation? Do you think it's super-important to keep it under control in your underwear?