The Gringo

The gringo from my baraja reading appeared at the Lovemionline Sex Toy Auction over the weekend. He stood by the entrance looking cool with a trench coat and a long, gray scarf. Seconds later, he walked over to my friend Irene, who introduced us. I didn't think much of our brief exchange and soon ran on stage to host the event.

I entertained the crowd and joked about being single. "All I need is a good-looking man who treats me well, has ambition, and an unlimited, monthly Metrocard!" The audience laughed, including Mr. Gringo, who purchased a book of illustrations on sexual positions.

The event came to a close and Mr. Gringo left without saying goodbye. But he invited Irene to a party at his apartment the following night. "He told me to bring you," Irene said while we cleaned up. I told her I’d think about it, but the following day I was too tired to party. So I spent my night under the covers, cruising through Facebook.

Hours later, I received an email. The subject line read, “Hey I have a friend with a metro card”, and the profile photo sitting next to the message was none other than Mr. Gringo’s. I reread the subject line again, wondering if there was a spark when I met him. Did I even do a double take? No, not really. . . I decided to read his email later. I was already snuggled up with me, myself and I—he could definitely wait.



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