Gonna Make You Sweat

I’ve always had an extremely regimented gym routine, however these past months I’ve fallen off big time! So after a few gym invitations from Mr. Baldwin, I finally joined him for a workout.

This was another first for me as far as my experiences with men. I was kind of nervous for Mr. Baldwin to see my in my gross workout clothes covered in sweat–especially since I feel so out of shape.

Once we arrived, we went our separate ways. I climbed onto the elliptical and impressed myself by going strong for 50 minutes. 450 calories burned later, I joined Baldwin in the weight room. My eyes darted over to the speed bag. I’ve always wanted to learn how to punch that thing like a pro, so Baldwin offered to show me how it’s done.

There was something sweet about the way he wrapped up my wrists and warned me that it takes a while to get in the groove. Aside from showing me step by step what to do, he encouraged me the entire time and even mentioned how impressed he was at how well I did for a first-timer.

I was really appreciative that Mr. Baldwin pushed me to get my butt in gear. Post-workout, I treated him to a sushi dinner and we worked off a few more calories with some sweet kisses.

Working up a sweat with Mr. Baldwin was fun, and I'm looking forward to burning even more calories with him both in and out of the gym.

Tell me: Do you think it's hot to work out with a guy?