A Girl's Best Friend

On my 24th birthday my friends pitched in on a very special gift for their newly single girl (moi). They all figured I'd want something useful, something that would come in handy.

“Open it!” my bf Charlotte screeched.

“Aww girls, you shouldn’t have.” I insisted, slightly weirded out by Charlotte's banshee cry.

“Oh yes! Yes, we should have!” Millie encouraged.

Now totally intrigued, I gleefully unwrapped my present and to my surprise, pulled out an alien-like, purple rubbery thing shaped like a penis with an extension that literally was in the shape of a little rabbit with ears.

“What the hell is this?!” I asked, turning bright red, because I obviously knew what it was.

Charlotte grabbed it out of my hand, turned it on to turbo-speed and explained lovingly, ”It’s called the Rabbit and it’s amazing! I bought one for myself too! I can't live without it, seriously.”

After a few moments of literally feeling like I was caught in a Sex & The City episode, my girlfriends and I collapsed into a fit of laughter.

My relationship with my Rabbit never evolved to the levels of—ahem—"intimacy" Charlotte seemed to reach with hers. I swear, sometimes Charlotte gets to talking about her rabbit like she'd marry it if she could.

I know for a fact that the Rabbit is a close friend to many. Some might even say that contrary to diamonds, the Rabbit is a girl's best friend! Do you agree?