Funny Guy

I've always wanted a man who can make me laugh, and one day, while co-hosting on radio, I found my guy. Funny Guy was cute, 38-years-old and Uruguayan. He was also a comedian. His jokes and wisecracks had my eyes filled with tears of laughter, not sadness.

So I put my A game on. From across the recording studio I smiled and locked eyes with Funny Guy. He winked at me, flashing a smile here and there. Eventually, we began having a full-blown conversation over the airwaves. Ignoring everyone else, we talked about our families, where we were from, and what we did for a living. It was almost like an impromptu on-air speed date! Others in the studio felt our chemistry and began to ooh and ah. Amidst staff, headphones, microphones and electrical wires, we had begun the dance.

Soon it was time for an on-air break. This was it! His chance to approach me and take this funny tango off-air and onto the dance floor. And he did…sort of. Funny Guy complimented my looks, my sense of humor and my booty—then he handed me his card and tickets to his next comedy show. A business card and comedy, really? Still, I accepted his offer graciously. Maybe this was the way funny men worked. Or maybe Funny Guy wasn’t so funny after all.

What do you chicas think?