First Date Jitters

El Gringo continued contacting me and his borderline sarcastic messages started to get on my nerves. A meeting between his “friend” and I was finally arranged. We decided on Lillies, a cute little bar in Union Square. Having drinks was my idea. I didn’t to commit to dinner since that would require conversing for hours and I just wasn’t sure I wanted to spend 3 entrees with whoever appeared on this date. If it was El Gringo, like I expected, I didn’t know much about him. I had no idea what he did for a living, how old he was or what his astrological sign was! The latter part is usually a piece of information I get quickly. Silly, I know, but I refuse to date any more Tauruses.

Three days before my date I began feeling jittery. Should I cancel? Do I really want to go out with this guy? I wasn’t sure. I was a little nauseous and my hands were shaking from anxiety and I was thinking of every possible reason to bail. So I called a friend to vent, hoping she’d help me understand why I was so nervous. All my fears bubbled to the surface. I was afraid of something, someone, new. I was terrified to really date again.

My friend listened intently. Soon, she gave me the same advice that everyone (including you loyal Latina readers) have given: “Just have fun! You have to jump back in there and this is a way to do so. No stress, just take it day by day.”

My friend was right. I needed to shake off the jitters and take the plunge. I didn’t have to marry the Gringo or his friend. It was just drinks. I calmed myself down and confirmed our date.