On the Fence

Yesterday I went on a second date with Warren, the big-footed Tony Romo look alike I went out with a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed our first date, but in retrospect I feel like I may have jumped the gun a bit by smooching him right away. Now, there may be expectations for our second date that I'm not ready to fulfill. So I went into the date knowing I would keep my distance a bit. I'm not ready to start going the physical affection route. Plus, getting closer to Mr. Baldwin lately hasn’t made dating other guys any easier.

After a few drinks and some awkward moments when Warren tried to get cuddly and I froze up, I called it a night. I knew he could feel my distance, and when I walked away I felt like the worst person on Earth. Why did I feel so guilty?

When I got off my train, I saw a text from him that read, "Great seeing you, but I get the feeling you're on the fence." I emailed Warren explaining that I wanted to hang out more and get to know each other, but that I wanted to hold off on the physical stuff for now and keep it friendly.

Tell me, chicas: Did I do the right thing? Should I keep seeing Warren until I figure out if I’m really attracted to him—or do you think if it hasn’t happened by now, it won’t?