Family Matters

My sister recently got engaged, and I'm extra happy for her because besides having met her one true love, she is marrying someone who has an awesome family!

The very first time I met my brother-to-be's parents, I realized how lucky my sister was. They are a warm and down-to-earth family that loves my sister as if she were their own! Her fiancé is lucky too, he's marrying a woman with two sweet, sassy sisters and a big extended family that defines the word "fiesta."

I learned early on how important family is to a relationship. My mother and her in-laws never had the best rapport and it put a noticeable strain on my parent's marriage. Interestingly enough, my mom became closer to her in-laws once my parents divorced and everyone realized they had to work together to create the best environment possible for my sisters and me.

I also had an ex whose family was friendly, but very closed off to anyone outside their culture. When his only sister got married I wasn’t allowed to attend the wedding, despite the fact that he and I had been together for a few years at that point!

Because of these experiences, I've always paid special attention to how the men I date interact with their families. I don’t have a long list drilled in stone, but there are a few things I ask myself: Are his parents open-minded and friendly? Do they know how to let loose and have fun? Do they forgive and love one another unconditionally?

First and foremost the qualities of the person you’re with are the most important. But when it comes to his family, what's important to you?