A Familiar Face

New York City is filled with millions of people, but somehow I’m always running into people I know on the subway, in restaurants or on the street.

I’ve always dreaded running into past flings. Once I was at an event with my friend and as we were leaving, a boy from my past was standing there. I hurried down the steps and whisked by him, hoping he didn’t see me. We dated back in the day—he was a jerk and broke my heart.

Recently, I had to run an errand in the old ‘hood Jack and I spent all of our time in. Things have gotten really awkward between us since we broke up. As I quickly walked down the street, I hid under my umbrella hoping he wasn’t around.

Yesterday I hopped off my subway stop in Brooklyn, and groaned as the crowd of people rushed off the train—it’s always such a zoo! As I shuffled in between people a familiar face caught my eye…

It was someone I’ve known for eight years now, who at times knows me better than I know myself. Someone I once loved more than anything and was the only person I ever imagined spending my life with. And although our love for each other has changed and we’ve gone our separate ways, the brief moment I saw him within a crowd of strangers felt pleasant, felt like home.

After a quick smile, hug and kiss, he rushed off to grab his train, and we decided to make plans to hang out soon. As I walked home I smiled – I felt lucky that someone I’ve been through so much with emotionally I can now call my friend.

Are any of you friends with your ex-boyfriends? If so, was it years in the making—like me with my ex?