False Expectations

Most men don't have realistic expectations of the women they can actually seduce. In all actuality, the 45-year-old at the club thinks it's his duty to grind on the pretty, young thang just because she has on a miniskirt. This disregard for what a woman wants is simply incomprehensible and honestly, really irritating! I mean, can you please pull up your pants, articulate and be younger than my father if you’re going to approach me?

This has been my main issue with online dating. Men feel they can contact you electronically just because you have a profile on a free dating site. On numerous occasions, I have refrained from replying, "Have you seen my pictures? I am one hot tamale!" And I really had to hold back when a man wrote he: "couldn't belive in my eyes..i would say hii.." (sic) Has someone ever heard of grammar and spell check?

My profile email has been flooded with uninspiring and dull one-liners just like the one above. I also have been contacted by the same men repeatedly, which leads me to believe men chase women who are out of their league because they have nothing to loose. I may not welcome Mr. 55 Year Old’s emails about how beautiful my smile is, but he's going to keep trying. Whether they meet our criteria or not, they rather be labeled Dirty Old Men or Young Idiot Thugs than entertain the thought of giving up and being alone. Now let's just hope they don't wear me down!