Ecstatic Attraction

When you first meet a guy, there are sparks. When you first meet a guy that's on Ecstasy, there are explosions you're not even aware of. That was the case with Generous Stranger--the kind and attractive man who bought me a Corona after some hooligans knocked my previous beer to the ground. He was high as a kite that night, and I know because he told me so.

He dropped the news of his "E" habit once our late-night dinner was served. We sat across from one another holding hands. I tried pulling away; but he held on tight, stroking my hand and complimenting their softness. I should have known right then and there something was off, but my hands are as soft as a baby’s bottom, so I thought nothing of it. Then he began to laugh and laugh and laugh.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" he asked mid chuckle.

"Are you drunk?" I questioned, noticing his beady little eyes for the first time. 

"No, I took an E tab," he responded with a smile. I pulled my hand back immediately.

"Really"” I said slowly. “So, is this a regular thing?” I continued prying. I needed to know if this guy was a druggie before getting any closer.

"Nah. I do it like once a week," he explained while shrugging his shoulders.  "No big deal," he finished with a smile. Oh, this was a major deal! I thought. But I didn’t repeat my sentiment. The guy was on drugs after all, and I wasn’t about to rock the boat and risk hallucinations, or worse, more hand stroking. So instead I chewed on my tostones and offered him some chicken. I had seen enough “This is your brain on drugs” commercials to know I should tread carefully.