Dinner at My Place

Although I am still learning my way around the kitchen, I’ve always loved cooking for someone I’m really into. That being said, I have only cooked for two men in my life. The meals I’ve prepared have ranged from a divine broiled steak to a hearty chicken noodle soup. And although they promised it tasted delicious, I think the thought and effort behind the meals is what made it special.

So earlier this week, Mr. Baldwin managed to once again catch me off guard when he invited me over for dinner at his place. I had no idea he could cook, nor was I expecting such a sweet, intimate gesture.

When I arrived at his apartment, I nervously walked in with my bottle of wine. There he was, sweating away in the kitchen, and looking mighty fine doing it I might add.

It was the perfect meal: asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, a tomato salad that included roasted sunflower seeds (which he roasted himself!) and tuna encrusted in the most amazing Cajun spices. We topped it all off with some white wine and as I slowly sipped my glass I realized I hadn’t eaten such a wonderful meal in a long time.

If I keep hanging out with Mr. Baldwin, I’d like to return the favor with dinner at my place. But after last night’s impeccable meal, I know I have to step up my game in the kitchen.

That why I need your help! I need some knock-his-socks off recipe suggestions, ladies. Do you have any dishes guaranteed to make Mr. Baldwin’s mouth water? Please share your suggestions below!