Desperately Seeking Sujeiry

I stood in a sea of men and could smell the desperation. "So these are the people who come to a speed dating singles mixer," I thought, totally discouraged. I looked around the room and tried to divert eye contact with a nerdy guy rocking huge glasses. He was no Mr. G. He couldn't possibly think I would be interested.

But of course, he did. "Hello. How are you?" he asked.

I quickly turned away, searching for my friend amidst the crowd but she was smitten by a guy she'd found lingering at the "Cougars and Cubs" speed dating event. So I faced Mr. Huge Glasses with a tight-lipped smile.

"Have you been to these before?" he inquired.

"No," I replied dryly.

"I could see why. You're very pretty." The compliment was nice but I definitely wasn't into him. I began scanning the room again, avoiding eye contact and looking for an escape route.

"Are you Indian?" he continued, clearly not getting the hint.

"Not even half," I answered. Then I just excused myself abruptly. It may have been rude, but it was better than leading a guy on who didn't even have a remote chance with me.

Minutes later, I found solace with bartenders Nora and Joseph. But the free shots they hooked me up with made me miss Mr. G. I surveyed the room and watched as people bounced from person to person, hoping for a connection. It made me so sad. I held in tears as realized that my attempts at dating right now were futile because there I was I standing in a sea of men and all I could do was think about Mr. G.