Since returning to the dating game, I've noticed that men just don't put in as much effort as they used to. The art of courtship has boiled down to texting, emailing and hooking up. Good night phone calls and sweet talk at dawn are long gone.

The Performer was one of the few men who'd actually picked up the phone to call. The fact that he'd dialed my number felt like a Godsend, but then he never called again to ask me out on an official date. And Funny Guy? I hadn't received any sort of communication from him in days.

But on Thursday morning, my computer beeped. Funny guy IM’d me and asked me about life. We flirted for a bit and then he typed those not-so-magical words I was tired of:
"We should hang out."

I rolled my eyes. I wanted to write GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY A$$ in all caps. I wanted to yell at the screen. I wanted to pick up the phone and demand that he set a date at once! But I didn't. Instead I typed, "Sure. I'm down. Just let me know when."

There was no point in getting the slightest bit upset. I knew nothing was going to pan out with Funny Guy. I wanted a man who would call, a hombre who would take charge. I wanted a full on, romantic courtship. What do you think chicas? Is it the end of an era? Is courtship dead?