Chasing Sujeiry

Like Sherlock Holmes, I'm ready to solve a mystery. I'm going to put on a deerstalker cap, jot down notes on a mini-pad and poke around bars and lounges for clues to my relationship conundrum. Why do men only pursue women who ignore them? I'll ponder as I observe men drooling over women who turn away with a roll of the eyes. I have no freaking clue, Watson.

What I do know is that, like many guys under observation, Generous Stranger was not getting the hint. I wanted to shake him off like criminals want to shake off the fuzz, but he kept calling and texting. One night he even invited me to the movies! I politely declined, using my hectic schedule as an excuse. "Ok. Let me know when you're free," he replied.  I typed a quick, "Ok" and left it at that.

A week or so passed and I had yet to contact Generous Stranger, so you’d think he was done pursuing.  But no. Generous Stranger continued to call and text. The more I ignored, the more he pushed, and that's when I finally got it. Why do men only pursue women who ignore them?  Its elementary my dear Watson. They just like a challenge. I just hoped Generous Stranger would soon grow tired of the chase.