Call Me Sweetie

I've gotten used typical terms of endearment like babe, baby, honey, sweetie and mami. Once and while, however, a man surprises me and musters a little romantic creativity. That's when sweet nothings like "my love," "mi vida" and "flacocha" leave their lips and enter my ears. And I am all too willing to listen.

So you can only imagine my surprise when, after our late dinner, Generous Stranger opened his luscious, kissable lips and called me the N word. My eyes bulged out of their sockets like a cartoon character and I asked, "What did you just call me?" He gazed at me and let out another one of his hearty laughs as if it was nothing to him. "You know what I just called you." I shook my head and wondered if it was the E talking or just his style. (I mean, hello, are we in a rap video?!) I wasn’t sure how to respond to this either. Did I fly with it, cut him off right now or demand a change in his drug intake and approach to sweet talk?

In the end, I did none of the above and calmly stated I wanted to go home. "Can I get your number?" he asked sweetly again. "Sure," I said with a sigh. We exchanged numbers, he hailed me a cab and gave the driver a 10-dollar bill. He then leaned in and wrapped me in a manly yet sweet embrace.  That’s when I melted. I looked up a Generous Stranger, stood on my toes and planted a quick kiss on his lips. A generous man with strong arms gets me every time.