Booty Fat

After the holidays, people usually put on a few pounds. All that turkey, pernil and coquito has to go somewhere! This is great for me since I'm of the opinion that my booty needs a little more padding. More padding usually means I receive much more attention from my flavor of choice—Latinos!

With the inches around my hips and derrière expanding, men were hitting on me from every direction. One guy in particular commented on my rear while we rode the train elevator together. "You’re petite but you have a nice patra," he exclaimed while checking me out. I smiled, and refrained from patting my booty in gratitude.

Unfortunately, not all fat is celebrated. actually kicked 5,000 of its members off  their site after some posted pictures of themselves with a few extra love handles from the holiday indulgence! Apparently, the site only accepts certified hotties; new members have to be voted in by existing members.

Robert Hintze. the founder of, had this to say: "Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which was founded." I say join Lovemionline Speed Dating where we welcome fatties, curvaceous folks and round booties! Cause lets face it, "Para los gustos se hicieron los colores." There is somewhere out there that will love your patra as much as Elevatator Guy loved mine!