A Blessing in Disguise

The day before Valentine's Day I woke up later than usual. My cell phone usually beeps as frequently as an ER doctor's and almost always wakes me up—yet there it was, totally lifeless. As soon as I rose out of my slumber, I picked it up from my bedside bureau and stared at the screen. Then I saw those three, tragic letters: GSM. My cell phone carrier grew tired of giving me service without payment and had cut me off!

It was a tragedy of unprecedented proportions. Not having a phone on Valentine's Day meant I wouldn’t be able to receive texts, BBM’s, calls or voicemails. I wouldn’t know who was thinking about me on V-day. Whoa is me...

Wait, not knowing who was thinking of me also meant I wouldn’t know who hadn’t called or sent a text. There would be no pining away on Valentine's Day. No waiting for a special love interest to send me a sweet text message. I was liberated from the stress and pressure that Cupid placed on me every year. Hooray!

So how was my Valentines Day? Easy and breezy. I spent it enjoying a performance by singer, Delilah, promoting Lovemionline, and selling sex toys instead of waiting for my phone to beep. My technological loss turned out to be a Valentines Day blessing.