Big Feet Big ?

Last night I went on a first date with this guy Warren, who I met online a few weeks ago and have been chatting with ever since. I was beyond nervous for this date, because aside from being a Tony Romo look-alike, Warren really seems to be an all around catch.

So after a fantastic dinner at a local Venezuelan arepa spot, I was beyond pleased when Warren suggested we go to a nearby bar that was featuring a live Afro-Cuban salsa band.

I absolutely love salsa dancing, and I excitedly grabbed him and rushed to the dance floor as soon as we arrived. As we were showing off our moves, I glanced down and realized my tall date’s feet were beyond ginormous! My eyes almost popped out of my head when Warren told me his wore a size 17 shoe.

As I looked up at his big brown eyes in disbelief, I couldn’t help but wonder if his shoe size was relative to the size of anything else on his body. My girl Angie is always joking about finding out “what we’re working with,” so I was totally smiling to myself as I wondered if the shoe size said it all.

Hours of dancing and one luscious kiss later, Warren and I parted ways. On the cab ride home I decided then and there that I would go out with him again. And it has nothing to do with his shoe size, my first date with Warren just totally rocked.

Tell me chicas, do you think a man’s foot size has anything to do with the size of his package?