Back in the Game

I hadn't been on a date in months. Speed dating was a bust and Mr. G—well, we all know what happened with him, don't we? So you can imagine how confused I felt when a fellow whom I met back in June emailed me saying he wanted to see me again. With so many months of not dating and waiting for Mr. G, I didn't even know when a guy was asking me out. Plus, this guy was nice and kept in touch because he was a friend, no?

I stared at the email, hoping to expose his intentions. Did he want to "see me again" at a gathering, like when we first met, or over an intimate dinner? Did he want to "see me again" and pay for drinks or "see me again" like you would a buddy and go dutch? I stared at the email for a minute longer but still had no answers. It was time for a pep talk.

"What's the big deal? You've done this before! Get back in the saddle, mujer!" I said to myself. I shook off my anxiety and returned to my laptop. I hit reply and composed a quick message agreeing to hang out. Now all I could so was wait… again.