Attention, Por Favor!

I've never been the type of woman who needs constant attention from a man. I’ve spent over a year not dating—as in celibate! So why had I agreed to go on a date with Alex, a man who treated me well, but with whom I felt no spark during our six-month relationship? Was this just a cry for attention?

I wasn’t quite sure, so I decided to let Alex know what was on my mind.

“Maybe it isn’t a good idea that we hang out,” I began.

“Really? But I like hanging out with you. You’re great!”

“And I like hanging out with you, but something may happen that’s more than platonic and I don’t know how I feel about that,” I explained.

“Let me find out if you’re still attracted to me,” Alex replied.

I could feel him smirking. Was I still attracted to him? An image of Alex flashed before my eyes. Soft, full head of hair, nice smile...big gut and butt. Nah, I wasn’t attracted to him anymore. Honestly, I don’t think I ever really was.

“It’s not about attraction. If anything would happen between us it would be because I’ve been feeling lonely and horny. But that’s it,” I said carefully, trying to prove my point without hurting his feelings.

And there was my answer. This was just about attention. I am only human after all. So I declined his generous offer. Sure, I love to be wined and dined and pampered and praised but I would never lead someone on. Besides, I can give myself all those things!