Are You There Universe? It's Me, Sujeiry

When it comes to Mr. G, my friends think I'm insane. And from reading the comments it's safe to assume you all think I'm insane as well (along with beautiful, vibrant and intelligent, so thank you). Why have I waited for Mr. G to get himself together? Well, it's because of the universe. Yes, dear readers, I said the universe.

A few months ago I gazed at the midnight sky and opened up my heart. I totally believe in the saying, "Ask and you shall receive," so I decided to put a question out there. "Universe," I implored, "If Mr. G is not meant for me, sacamelo del camino. If he is meant for me, then bring him to me."

Exactly one night after that plea, I bumped into him at a private party. It had been three months since we had seen or spoken to each another. As I knew it, our relationship was over. And then he told me his girlfriend was in the process of moving out. I was shocked and wondered what it all meant. I demanded to know his true intentions. Mr. G then looked at me dead in my eyes and said, “I’ve never connected to anyone like I have with you. I thought it was obvious. I want to build a relationship with you.”

It’s been a month since, so you would think I'd given up by now. But as you all know, I haven't. Instead I asked the universe to guide me once again, and the next day, I got a call from Mr.G.