Are You a "Mate Poacher"?

I love all things science, especially when it comes to human nature. So when my friend emailed me an article the other day "Study Shows Single Women Prefer to Date Attached Men" I was whisked back to the hours I spent reading up on relationships and attraction for my degree in Interpersonal Communication Studies and Theory.

This particular study confirmed that single women actually prefer men who are already in committed relationships—the rationale behind this being that the men who are already in serious relationship have proven themselves capable and ready to settle down.

I can see how this makes sense, psychologically speaking. Add the fact that as humans we tend to want what we can't have and it becomes more believable that women might engage in "mate poaching" or knowingly pursuing a man who's already taken.

I just didn’t realize there were so many single women out there who would find this behavior acceptable! I can honestly say I don’t. Why would I? I have no intent to sabotage an already existing relationship and in my mind, it’s just off limits.

That being said, I did once find myself in a “mate poaching” situation. I met someone and we instantly fell for each other. But due to long distance, we never really took it to the relationship level. He eventually met someone who he became serious with, but my feelings didn’t change—and when we eventually saw each other, we both acted as if no girlfriend existed. Two years later, they are still together and I have obviously moved on.

Have you ever been guilty of "mate poaching"? Do you find yourself more attracted to men who are already committed? Or do you think that a taken man is totally off-limits?