Is Age Really Just a Number?

"I need a man, not a boy!" We all seem to chant this refrain after things don't work out with “Mr. Not Right” (aka boys our age). I especially feel this way after dating a string of men my age who just don’t seem to have it together yet.

I need to date a grown man, someone who is comfortable with himself, has it together career-wise and knows what he wants down the road.

So when this guy I’ve known for some time now, who totally reminds me of a Baldwin brother, asked me out, I was reluctant. Mr. Baldwin is strikingly handsome, super-mature and intelligent, has his act together and is so easy to talk to and get along with. Plus, he is a total blast. The problem?

Mr. Baldwin is 24. I am 28 (going on 29). It makes me a little nervous to go there, because although he is all these wonderful things, I’m not sure if in the end, age will make a difference. I was so clueless at 24!

My girl Angie made a good point in saying that no matter what the man’s age, at any time he could disappoint you. So if a good man is standing in front of you—go for it! She thinks I should give Mr. Baldwin a chance, but take it slowly if I do.

Do you agree with Angie that I should go for Mr. Baldwin? Or is 24 just too young for this 28-year-old?