Working with Decals

Have you ever wanted to paint a mural or free-hand a design on your child’s bedroom wall? It can add a personalized touch to the décor, but many are afraid to do so because they feel they have to be artists.  Well, you no longer have to fear because wall decals are here!

It’s one of the best inventions in home décor. It can add a graphic element to the walls, furniture, or even doors. The best part is that the installation is as easy as peel-n-stick. In the photo featured, I used the flower decals from IKEA on the front of the closet doors and made them a focal point in the bedroom, turning ordinary doors into something special.

Another great thing is that unlike paint, with decals there is no commitment. Many are removable and repositionable. I’ve also used them on mirrors, frames and pretty much anywhere that has a flat surface. You can even purchase decals that can be used as a chalkboard or dry erase board—how cool is that?   But decals are not just for kids' bedrooms, either. You can also purchase inspirational quotes and phrases to use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and almost every room of the house. The only limit is your imagination!