Organizing Your Holiday Table

This has probably happened to you at some point when you’ve been a guest at a dinner party … there’s always that awkward moment around the table where you don’t know where to actually sit. A good host/hostess should have that planned out beforehand to avoid any confusion by having place cards at each setting—especially when there’s a large group. I know it may seem too formal, but you can make it fun to match your table décor by being creative!

Place cards come as simple as printable templates you can purchase from an office supply store that stand up on its own by way of a fold or you can also purchase place card holders that are more decorative. Save money and look no further than your holiday décor to add this festive, yet functional touch to your dinner table.

Pinecones and glass ornaments make perfect place card holders! Simply write the name of your guest on a small card or even a gift tag and insert it within the pinecone needles. Easy as that! You can also attach the card to the tip of a ball ornament with a hot glue gun. These are small details that will make a big difference during your holiday gatherings. Even use them on your appetizer/buffet table to label the different platters, so your guests will know what they are about to taste.

Happy Holidays! Have an awesome Noche Buena and very Merry Christmas!

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