Kid-Friendly Decor

You don’t have to sacrifice style for safety if you have small children when decorating your home.  However, many parents seem to think otherwise because their living room functions more like a playroom than a space meant for the entire family.

Understandably, you want to take every necessary precaution to avoid any potential safety hazard in your environment, but this doesn’t mean the alternative is to live in an empty room. I’m happy to report that there is a happy medium! The key is to avoid furniture with sharp corners, glass tops or fabrics that easily stain. 

I find it’s especially during the time when babies begin to crawl or take their first steps that parents clear the room, beginning with the coffee table.  Instead of doing that, think of using an upholstered ottoman as a coffee table!  Not only is it softer to the touch, but you can even use two cubes with storage inside for toys and books. This way, the furniture does double-duty! 

When choosing furniture, leather is definitely the way to go for its durability. But if you have a fabric sofa, treat it with a stain repellant or use a slipcover for easy maintenance.  Choose an area rug with darker colors or patterns that can hide accidental spills. For accessories, you obviously want to find pieces that are shatter-proof.  I’m a big fan of using natural textures for this reason. For example, woven spheres inside a wood bowl along with books and magazines look great on a coffee table!  Nowadays you can even get the realistic look and scent of candles—a big no no when children are around, yet a must to enhance the ambiance in a room—by using flameless candles that operate on a battery.

Hope these ideas help to create an environment that your entire family can enjoy!