Dreamy Bedroom for Kids

Decorating one bedroom that is shared by both a girl and a boy can be a daunting task. Many parents face this dilemma and are afraid of making the décor too girly or too boyish. I recently came across this challenge as well and wanted to share some tips that might help.

First of all, the color scheme you chose has to be neutral enough for both sexes. For obvious reasons, you want to stay away from the traditional baby pink and dark blues as paint choices; however a pastel blue, which I combined with a mint green as seen in the photo, is great combination! I also suggest citrus colors such as yellows and oranges, especially if the children are older.

With the paint color chosen, you can move on to bedding. The secret is to buy solid and reversible comforter sets for the bedroom. On the girl’s bed, I combined the lime green and pink, whereas on the boy’s bed I used the blue and yellow mix. You can always add a toss pillow in a specific theme they like the most to personalize their beds even more, but at least the overall décor of the room is in harmony with solid bedding.

Finally, every child wants to feel like it’s their space even though they share a bedroom, so don’t forget special touches such as alphabet letters that spell out their name on the wall, a shelf for each of them to display proudly their collectibles and toys and a storage chest at the foot of the bed helps to keep it all organized. You can check out video of this makeover by clicking here.

Happy New Year! And best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2010.