Design Detail: Rug Tapestry

If you’re looking to add lots of visual interest on your wall, why not look to the floor?  I'm talking about area rugs! They come in so many patterns, textures and colors that it doesn't make sense to only walk on them. Once installed, they resemble wallpaper panels. Here is this month’s Design Detail, which is where I highlight a quick DIY project on a budget. 

In the makeover featured, which is a play space for a little girl, I found these 4x6 area rugs at Target on clearance for $21 and used them as the inspiration for the design and color scheme. The rugs were easy to install using a staple gun. In most cases, the staples can be hidden within the natural rug pile, so you will never see them. It was that simple. For a more professional finish, I used molding strips to create a frame and painted it white, so that it pops against the mint green color on the walls and also ties in with the rest of the furniture.

You can use this idea as a display board for photos, or even as a headboard if you install it horizontally.  4x6 is a perfect size above a twin bed. However, for a bigger mattress or more drama, use a 5x8 area rug. Whether it is shag, jute or any other material area rug, instead of walking on it, turn it into art similar to a tapestry. Pretty cool, huh? You will never look at an area rug in the same way.